Separation Anxiety

In-person workshop with Julie Naismith

September 10th, 2022
9.30am to 12.30pm

Harrogate, North Yorkshire

Early Bird Pricing £39 (until 01/08/22)
Full Price £49

September 11th, 2022
9.30am to 12.30pm

Didcot, Oxfordshire

Early Bird Pricing £39 (until 01/08/22)
Full Price £49

Whether you’re a canine professional wanting to learn, or an owner struggling with your own dog’s separation anxiety, this session is for you.

What we’ll cover

Defining separation anxiety

Examining the range of conditions that fall under this umbrella-term

The causes separation anxiety

What the research tells us about the causes of separation anxiety

The 5-Step Separation Anxiety Recovery Process

How we help dogs tolerate the intolerable by using gentle, gradual exposure to being left

Hope for hyper-attachment

Why all is most defnitely not lost for dogs who can't bear to be apart from their person

The role of breed and genetics

Diving into what we know about breed, genetics, and fear disposition

Understanding micro-behaviours

Why it's not about the big stuff—micro-behaviours are the key to getting dogs to be comfortable when left

About Julie

Hi there! I'm Julie Naismith – author, trainer, tutor, and all round separation anxiety geek. But more importantly, I'm mum to Percy. 


Training Percy to overcome his separation anxiety was life-changing. The effect was so positive in fact, that I knew it was my purpose to bring this relief to the countless other people and pups who had the same struggles.


These days I help owners and trainers around the world get dogs over separation anxiety. My goal is to give anxious dogs, and their pet parents, a lifetime of freedom and happiness together. 

I'll be sharing my top insider tips including:

Tip #1: What we do if we suspect frustration not fear

Some dogs are scared of being alone. Some are just cross that they've been left. How do you determine which is which and what can you do about either? 

Tip #2: How we make training go as quickly as it can for a learner

Where should you put your effort and what can you do to make sure training is as swift as it can be?

Tip #3: How the science of human behaviour change can help us

Separation anxiety recovery is a mental battle–for us humans! We'll look at how we can make the process something we are more likely to stick with

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