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Episode 093

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Episode 093 / 19th May 2023

093 Beyond Obedience: Teaching Your Dog How to Feel Safe in a Daunting World

Join me in the latest episode of “Be Right Back! Separation Anxiety Podcast”, where I explain the single most important lesson we can teach our dogs: that they are safe.

In the episode, we also look at how to keep dogs safe, and why must prioritize our dog's emotional well-being above all else.

We'll explore why the use of unethical, aversive training tools exploits a dog's need to be safe, and dissect why these tools can be so damaging.

We'll also dive into how understanding dog body language is crucial in identifying dogs' discomfort or fear.

If you're keen on creating a secure and fear-free world for your dog (and I know you are), this episode is a must-listen!

Got a dog who's scared of being alone? I can help! Check out my free guide.

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